Thursday, September 11, 2014

Things that make me happy!

Hiking: I love, love to go on hikes! I am so grateful that my kids also enjoy the mountains and walking on trails. they are the best at pushing past the tiredness and enjoy the beauty all around. I LOVE HIKES! I am so happy to have a wonderful neighbor and friend that takes me knowing that I am bringing my kids and no help!

 Our little garden: We (Devin and the girls) planted some yummy vegetables this year and I was so happy to watch them grow. We had peas,carrots, zucchini watermelon, and tomatoes. Now that we know how much grow maybe we can plant a little more next time.

 Silhouette: Lately I have been obsessed with silhouettes, I made one of Cinderella for Laila's birthday, I had my activity girls make one of their heads and fill it in with things about themselves so we could get to know them and now my beautiful Natalia and Sadie.
Pictures of my girls:
Sadie has two teeth and crawls around everywhere! I think she is going to be a dancer just like her sisters, every time she hears music she starts to shake her head. She love dogs, she sees Angle and starts waving her hands up and down and lets out a squeal. She loves to eat finger foods and is very good at picking up the smallest of things and shoving them into her mouth. Oh man I love her!

My two blonds in the middle! (Natalia is convinced that Sadie was born in another country and that she speaks spanish)