Thursday, September 11, 2014

Things that make me happy!

Hiking: I love, love to go on hikes! I am so grateful that my kids also enjoy the mountains and walking on trails. they are the best at pushing past the tiredness and enjoy the beauty all around. I LOVE HIKES! I am so happy to have a wonderful neighbor and friend that takes me knowing that I am bringing my kids and no help!

 Our little garden: We (Devin and the girls) planted some yummy vegetables this year and I was so happy to watch them grow. We had peas,carrots, zucchini watermelon, and tomatoes. Now that we know how much grow maybe we can plant a little more next time.

 Silhouette: Lately I have been obsessed with silhouettes, I made one of Cinderella for Laila's birthday, I had my activity girls make one of their heads and fill it in with things about themselves so we could get to know them and now my beautiful Natalia and Sadie.
Pictures of my girls:
Sadie has two teeth and crawls around everywhere! I think she is going to be a dancer just like her sisters, every time she hears music she starts to shake her head. She love dogs, she sees Angle and starts waving her hands up and down and lets out a squeal. She loves to eat finger foods and is very good at picking up the smallest of things and shoving them into her mouth. Oh man I love her!

My two blonds in the middle! (Natalia is convinced that Sadie was born in another country and that she speaks spanish)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Crazy fun!

I am so sad to say she no longer is a toothless monster! She got her first tooth last week and it is causing all sorts of problems! She loves to bite and not latch on properly so from that I got mastitis this week. This is the first time it made me super sick and I was basically in bed for 3 days!

My favorite part when We say family prayer with Dad is that they all find a spot on or under him, I just had to sneak this picture it really makes me smile. Most of the time it is just the girls and I so it is special when he is around.

I wish I could get a picture of her tooth but this was the day after it finally broke threw!

Sadie's eyes are darker then mine! Natalia makes comments like "I can't ever tell where she is looking because her yes are to dark" "I can't see her eyes, they are too dark."

Devin having fun!

First grade here she comes! I have a feeling it will take a long while for her to adjust to all day. She had a blast first day and I was worried about what to give her for lunch so I gave her a lot of variety (goldfish,  6 m&ms,chocolate milk, sandwich, grapes) when she came home she had everything in there untouched except the m&m and milk. She then had a half eaten apple. Not sure what happened but the next day she came home with everything untouched again except for the milk and she then told us a kid stole her fruit roll-up and ate it and that a friend gave her a piece of pizza. Yikes I think I will be paying for a lunch if she would rather eat what everyone else is having I am however so happy with her teacher his is AMAZING!

Sister love! Can't wait for Laila's turn!

We had a crazy hail storm! They were huge!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yellowstone Trip

I wish the other 3 babies could stand and hold hands with the older kids. I guess next year it will be a little easier! I love all these kids!

The hotel we stayed at had a really pretty nature walk we took the kids on!

Standing under the umbrella tree.

We had a special story time and to go along with the book I made them their own Russian dolls.

My beautiful mom holding Sadie! I am a little worried Sadie's hair might be turning blond. Laila still had brown hair until her first birthday.

It started getting hot in Yellowstone so we were happy to find a place to cool down.

My little monkey

We didn't just roast smores we made some biscupies (The original name is Woofums, if you haven't tried them you are missing out. You roast a biscuit and then fill the cups with putting, pie filling, whip cream, the possibilities are endless)

I love this picture! Grandparents are over ran with kids.

Natalia caught a mino with her hands!

I told the kids that Smokey the bear lost his hat, my kids were really into my  story and Edgar's kids didn't know who smoky was.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

End of Kindergarten

I had been so excited for her last day of Kindergarten and then I woke up with a terrible pain in my neck. It was very painful to move my head. Not a good day to start of a very important day for my Natalia.

Natalia's BFF Casie, this little girl came up with crazy stories. I am glad Natalia was able to make friend quickly.

Here he is Mr. Joshua!

Poor Mr. Joshua, he was trying to hold back tiers the whole time so he cute the program short or just sped things up.

Natalia's last project was giving an oral report on turtles. She had to make a costume so this is her turtle shell.

She was not excited about talking to people. She wore a pin the said push me and as people pushed  it she had to recite her report. I can't believer she will be in 1st grade I am looking forward to see what next year will bring but not looking forward to packing lunch, doing homework and forcing her out the door in the mornings.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Laila's 4th Birthday

My big Laila, I can't believe she is four and in a way hoping we have passed the terrible 3's! She is so independent I feel she wishes things would always go her way. It has been interesting to see how sweet and caring she is with her younger sisters. I love when she is being goofy and fun I think one of her talents is being able to make others laugh! She truly is the life of the party. I am so grateful for the many lessons she teaches me on a daily bases. I am learning to really look at the good in everything and she makes me want to be a better mother and example to others. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! 
Whenever I leave Sadie and she begins to cry Laila rushes to hold her and gives her loves.

Another princess party

Birthday cereal and a beautiful cake decorated by Devin

I made her a fort for her bed

All the little princesses

Birthday Girl!