Friday, June 13, 2014

Laila's 4th Birthday

My big Laila, I can't believe she is four and in a way hoping we have passed the terrible 3's! She is so independent I feel she wishes things would always go her way. It has been interesting to see how sweet and caring she is with her younger sisters. I love when she is being goofy and fun I think one of her talents is being able to make others laugh! She truly is the life of the party. I am so grateful for the many lessons she teaches me on a daily bases. I am learning to really look at the good in everything and she makes me want to be a better mother and example to others. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! 
Whenever I leave Sadie and she begins to cry Laila rushes to hold her and gives her loves.

Another princess party

Birthday cereal and a beautiful cake decorated by Devin

I made her a fort for her bed

All the little princesses

Birthday Girl!

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  1. I like the fort you made for her bed. Such a good idea. Happy birthday Laila. I can't believe she and Bradford are 4 already.