Monday, February 28, 2011

Wall Decor

So I have been working on this craft for way to long. I also had taken step by step pictures but somehow I ended up deleting them. I was pretty bummed because I won’t be able to explain it in a way that it will make sense.

Step 1: I started looking for pictures on the Internet of what I wanted to create.
Step 2: When I found the pictures I traced them unto some construction paper to create my own stencils.
Step 3: I bought some memory foam pieces ( I bought them at the DI I don’t know where you would find this kind of foam)
Step 4: Traced the stencils on the foam and then cut them out.
Step 5: Painted them
Step 6: Found some boards to put behind them and painted them as well. You are done!

I originally wanted to spray paint them so they would look like metal wall hangings. I bought some metallic spray paint but found it really hard to paint all three of them evenly. Only one turned out the way I wanted it. I then decided to paint them a brown/tan color to make it look distressed or antique looking but that didn’t work. The only thing I could do was paint them all black. It was a lot less work and I wish I would have done that in the first place.
The middle one was the only one that looked like a piece of metal

The first one I cut!

The end product

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter Storm

This last week it snowed a lot and there was enough snow on the ground to build a snowman. Well at first I didn’t want Natalia to go out and play because we didn’t have any snow gear. I made her watch all the fun grandma and Jack were having from inside. I just couldn’t stand the fact that she could be having so much fun. I borrowed Gavin’s boots and snow pants and doubled her up in sweaters and sent her outside. She had a blast!

Simplicity at home

It is fun to watch the girls entertain themselves; you never know what they will come up with or even the things they may choose to play with. The ironic thing is they play with things around the house that aren’t toys. I love when the simplest things keep them captivated.
Natalia uses the hot pads as blankets

Laila loves the door stops

Always taking care of someone! If it isn't Laila then it's her dollies.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I know Valentines is over but I have to take a moment and post some really cute pictures. Devin and I made Valentine cookies and had a cookie contest. Devin made a face and I made a snowman and fish. I think Devin won by a long shot.

Macy and Natalia

Natalia, Laila and I went and stayed at grandma Jackson's house for a whole week and when we came home we were very surprised. Devin had hung hearts all around the ceiling and taped hearts all down the hallway. It must of taken Devin a lot of time to cut and past all those hearts! He also wrote Natalia and I a beautiful letter, and bought us some chocolates. He even gave me money that I can spend on anything i want. I wont tell you how much because I don't want to make anyone jealous (J/K). What an amazing man I have!!!!!! He has such a huge heart and I know he loves us very much.
Devin even made me heart shaped cookies!

Lets not forget Laila, she also got to enjoy with us.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

CD Craft

This post is mostly for Jermey and Nadia because I was trying to describe what I was making with old CDs. I saw this segment on Studio 5 and wanted to try it. The crazy thing was I had been looking through old CDs and wanted to throw half of them away but decided to keep them and find something to do with them. That next day I was watching TV, which I never sit down and do and saw a fun craft using CDs. I just had to try and see if it would turn out and well here are some pictures.

 I can't say the craft looks better then this picture.

I expected Devin to come home and make a joke about my craft but surprisingly he said it was really cool and unique. With just those words I feel like it’s the best craft I have ever made. I have another craft I am working on and I don't know if it will turn out all that cool.