Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stonehendge and Buckingham Palace

During changing of the guards, the Queen had some guests fly in on a helicopter and then they took a carage ride around her property. This was a very awesome experience. I would have loved it even better if the Queen would have taken a ride with her guests. Just knowing that she was home made it really special.

We took a lot of pictures and just couldn't figure out which pictures expressed how amazing all this was. I might post more later on.

Trafalgar Square

This was a boat tour of London

On our road trip to Stonehenge, Devin got to eat some Thai food and claimed it was the exact thing he us to eat in Thailand almost everyday. The kids all loved the food and actually wanted more. We also saw a very beautiful Cathedral in Salisbury but have to go back and upload those pictures. (We got to see the real Magna Carta but pictures were not allowed) 

A beautiful castle, hate to mention it but this might have been one of my favorite spots. I love just wondering how life was for these people and knowing that they once lived here and fought to protect their home made it so intriguing. (I think this was the kids favorite place as well. They ran through this castle pretending and imagining every fairytale. Laila was concerned that she might not be able to get out of the dungeon if they put her in there so she made sure not to be thrown into the dungeon) It really had the most amazing views. Very happy Colby and Mindi were able to find little stops like these!

Finally we arrived at Stonehenge, it was such a cold day and super windy so the girls were wearing their pajamas and every other piece of clothing we brought. I think we all would have been able to enjoy it more if it was a little bit warmer.

I had a bad hair day every day I was in London.

Their they are, looking so still in the crazy wind!

Trip to London First Day

Everyone started out so happy, we thought it was going to be stressful but we had no idea all our plans were going to change in a matter of seconds of being in the airport. We weren't even sure we were going to be able to make it that Wednesday and we were going to be stranded in the airport until Thursday. The great part of this stressful experience was that they bumped us up to business class. That was truly a blessing. We all finally got to enjoy our trip there 6 hours later then we were originally supposed to leave.

Holly Cow, that is all I have to say about this picture! the girls were in heaven and everyone treated us good.

The first morning at Mindi's house, they woke up at 1 a.m ready to start the day! Time change can really mess things up a bit.

My cute Alaina!

Now their bodies are realizing they are tired. That is how the next two days went, awake at night and sleepy all day. Here we are riding on the double decker bus. Being pregnant made it hard to enjoy being on the top because I got motion sickness.  

Tower Bridge


Good old Big Ben!

Parliament, I loved this building it was just so amazing and beautiful.

June pictures

Graduation day!! The girls were so proud of their dad, they cheered and waved as he got called up to the stand! What a great experience for them to know their dad was recognized for a job well done.

Laila had a Nemo theme birthday, I felt bad I had no energy to make her a cake and throw her a party but I think she had fun because she was able to spend the day with cousins. We went swimming and later went for pony rides but she got scared at the last minute so she didn't ride one.

Natalia riding a pony

They had a lot of fun riding rides at the fair and it was just cute to see Laila laughing and having a good time. All the other pictures didn't turn out.