Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yayllowstone Park!

Over the weekend we went to Yellowstone! It was fun to spend extra time with Mindi and the family before they head off to London. I was also grateful my mom was able to come. She is always fun to have around and she tells the best stories even if some are really hard to share. We were able to see all sorts of fun things and eat yummy food. I think my favorite part was watching Devin taking everything in and enjoying every part of the cabin. I think the cabin is one of Devin's favorite places to be. He never complains and always is trying to clean it up or fix things that need to be fixed.  My other favorite part was when Colby roasted my marshmallows for smores all because i didn't want to be attacked by mosquitoes and because it was cold and dark outside. Thanks Colby.

I really love Buffalos.  I think if I wasn't fascinated with Hippos these would be my favorite animals. All because their heads are so big and awesome looking.

    Natalia came home with over 15 mosquito bites and 10 were on her head =(

Look who is growing!

It seems crazy to me that both Natalia  and Laila continue to grow so fast. I had both girls weighed and measured at their last doctors appointment. I was shocked when the nurse mentioned that Natalia had grown 2 inches since January but hadn't gained a pound. I only wonder what goes through their minds when they see that Natalia has fallen off the charts again. I am not bothered because only I know what goes on in my home and how much Natalia eats through out the day.

Natalia"s Weight: 27 pounds, Height: 38 2/8 inches tall

Laila on the other hand is on the charts  and growing as she should be according to the charts. I am starting to really disagree with charts. I am just grateful both my girls eat well and are very active. If that ever changes then I will start being more concerned.

Laila's Weight: 22.2 pounds, Height: 29 4/8 inches tall

Did I mention they are both very smart and they both like to read books!

Before i forget, we have a new addition to the family Tomate! My plants are growing so fast and are starting to flower. Except it is really windy where we live that the wind broke the tops off the plants =(

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Birthday LuLu!

Laila is now a year old! I can't believe it but we have the pictures to prove it.
This picture doesn't show how excited she was when the cake was brought in and we were singing her the birthday song.

She wasn't sure what to do with the cake so Devin had to give her a taste. I was surprised because she usually eats anything we put on her tray.

It didn't take long for her to dive into the cake.

She also shared with all her nieces and nephews. Sorry Gavin I wasn't expecting everyone to dive in =(

Thanks for all the gifts everyone!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pot Garden

I had the opportunity last week to attend this gardening class provided by our Relief Society. It was alot of fun and I learned so much about different types of soil and plants. I was so excited when the guy had bought for everyone veggie plants. This is something I have always wanted to do but never had the knowledge or motivation to go pick out plants on my own. I brought them home and they sat there waiting to be planted, all I needed was soil. Thankfully my friend who attended the class went out to buy soil. She bought too much and I paid her for the rest she didn't use. Now I had everything I needed except an extra pair of hands and that is where Devin comes in. I bought a pair of fancy gardening cloves just for this occasion and guess what? I didn't even have to use them. I couldn't have done this without the help of everyone, Literally! I forgot to take a picture of the end results. I will have to do that and re post it.

 Devin is showing a little love!

 I supervised the whole thing
 Laila tried eating the soil
Natalia was collecting bugs for her bug collection. She had about three ants she was playing with.

Monday, June 6, 2011

La Familia

A lot has happened the last few weeks and we are glad that today is a start of a new week. I am hoping that I can finally get started on all the projects I have been putting off. First I am going to start by updating my blog.

When Natalia was born everyone talked about how fast babies grow and how fast they learn. I know that is very true because I see it every day. Natalia is 3 years old and oh my is she so smart. It seems like everyday she learns the meaning of a new word, she is discovering how different people are and I hope to teach her that it is o.k to be different and that we need to love everyone. She knows how do almost everything on her own and she is always such a big helper. I know for the most part kids are the same but I believe Natalia is the smartest, most beautiful girls I have seen. I am grateful for her each and everyday. P.S. Natalia knows all the letters in her the alphabet and can spell her name out (just not in the right order but I know that part is just around the corner). Natalia loves to draw pictures for her friends, family, and even her teachers at church. She usually draws a family picture.

Laila is the sweetest thing! She has learned how to give kisses, all I  to do is ask and I receive an open mouthed slobbery kiss. She loves to chase Natalia around the kitchen floor, under the table and around the chairs. It is the funniest thing to watch Laila scoot around the room.

I now have to brag about Devin for a minute. When Devin was a little boy he made cookies for his siblings. Every time he did he would chance the recipe and now he has mastered the perfect cookie recipe. they are always mouth watering and addicting. I don't know if he can ever give out the exact recipe because its a lot of adding ingredients until it looks right.