Monday, June 6, 2011

La Familia

A lot has happened the last few weeks and we are glad that today is a start of a new week. I am hoping that I can finally get started on all the projects I have been putting off. First I am going to start by updating my blog.

When Natalia was born everyone talked about how fast babies grow and how fast they learn. I know that is very true because I see it every day. Natalia is 3 years old and oh my is she so smart. It seems like everyday she learns the meaning of a new word, she is discovering how different people are and I hope to teach her that it is o.k to be different and that we need to love everyone. She knows how do almost everything on her own and she is always such a big helper. I know for the most part kids are the same but I believe Natalia is the smartest, most beautiful girls I have seen. I am grateful for her each and everyday. P.S. Natalia knows all the letters in her the alphabet and can spell her name out (just not in the right order but I know that part is just around the corner). Natalia loves to draw pictures for her friends, family, and even her teachers at church. She usually draws a family picture.

Laila is the sweetest thing! She has learned how to give kisses, all I  to do is ask and I receive an open mouthed slobbery kiss. She loves to chase Natalia around the kitchen floor, under the table and around the chairs. It is the funniest thing to watch Laila scoot around the room.

I now have to brag about Devin for a minute. When Devin was a little boy he made cookies for his siblings. Every time he did he would chance the recipe and now he has mastered the perfect cookie recipe. they are always mouth watering and addicting. I don't know if he can ever give out the exact recipe because its a lot of adding ingredients until it looks right.

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  1. What a wonderful family. I am so glad that I get to be a part of it :) I love you all and I can't wait to be able to brag about my own husband and kids someday :)