Saturday, April 6, 2013

Birthday Bash

Natalia's 5th birthday cake. Every year I come up with the idea of a birthday cake and Devin makes it happen. he really does a good job!

She really is so cute! I love that she lets me take pictures of her. Laila doesn't and now every time Alaina sees the camera she turns away. I am so sad!

Thanks to my mom all the activities were homemade. We spent a whole night cutting and designing parts for  Mr. Potato head. We made cowboy hats and played "there is a snake in my boot, pin the tail on bullseye, tried to read a story and Mr.
Potato Head.

Here is the group of kids

We went outside to draw on the sidewalk but Laila ended up drawing on herself.

March activities

We got to spend some time with Alex before she left for the MTC, Laila loved those glasses she wore, she called them her butterfly glasses.

My baby loves to walk around holding on to furniture

Easter Egg Hunt

We love going an walks in Daybreak it is so pretty here.

My Laila, what a cutey


Natalia is sporting her hat