Saturday, April 6, 2013

Birthday Bash

Natalia's 5th birthday cake. Every year I come up with the idea of a birthday cake and Devin makes it happen. he really does a good job!

She really is so cute! I love that she lets me take pictures of her. Laila doesn't and now every time Alaina sees the camera she turns away. I am so sad!

Thanks to my mom all the activities were homemade. We spent a whole night cutting and designing parts for  Mr. Potato head. We made cowboy hats and played "there is a snake in my boot, pin the tail on bullseye, tried to read a story and Mr.
Potato Head.

Here is the group of kids

We went outside to draw on the sidewalk but Laila ended up drawing on herself.

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  1. Wow. It looks like you hosted quite a few kids. I can't believe Natalia is FIVE! It looks like it was a fun party.