Sunday, May 22, 2011


One of my most favorite things to do when I have some extra time is look at DIY projects. I love finding new blogs to follow. I am grateful for people who are crafty and are willing to show off their projects. I have been inspired in so many ways. I have so many new things I want to try and so many things I am thinking about creating or sewing. The down fall to this new hobby is: not having the extra time to follow through with my ideas, the space needed to bring out all my tools or not having the materials to do them with. I do love the fact that most things can be easy to make and they can be affordable.
 Here is a picture of the first dress I have ever made. I chose the pink fabric because it was cheap and I didn't know if it was going to turn out. The black fabric was from on old skirt i had. I put them together and here it is.

My favorite part is that Natalia asks if she can wear it everyday. The smile on her face will keep me wanting to sew more.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Laila Update

Laila is now 11 months old :) I can"t believe I will be planning her first birthday party soon. She is such a beautiful girl with a lot of personality. She is always smiling and laughing along the side of her sister. She is getting more independent as the time passes. She eats just about anything we put in front of her face. She scoots on her bottom and is also crawling all over the house making messes. In the last month she has learned how to fold her arms to say prayers, she claps her hands, and she can sign more and milk. I am not sure she is saying "Talia" but it sounds like she is calling out for Natalia (My friends think she is). She now has five teeth. Last month she got her first tooth and after the first one broke through all the rest are following right behind. She is so wonderful and makes all of us so happy.

Soccer Game

Last Thursday we went to Jake"s soccer game. We tried to go the Tuesday before but it was so cold we left at half-time. Natalia was so upset she didn't get to see Jake so I promised her we could go on Thursday. It was perfect weather. We stayed the whole time and cheered Jake on. What a great game it was! The best part was sitting on the field, there were a couple of times the ball came shooting our way but luckily no one got hurt. We all had a great time and Natalia was so happy to get to see Jake play soccer. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Continue

My mother has the most patients in the world. She could sit and play with her grandchildren for hours. My favorite part is that she always encourages them to use there imaginations and to pretend play.

Last but not least my sweet dad! He was the one who showed me how to ride a bike and now he is the one who took time out of our crazy schedule to teach Natalia how to ride her bike. What a beautiful moment for both Natalia and I. It made me remember my first time on a bike and now I get to remember her first time out on the sidewalk with her bike.

April In Review

We have had a lot of fun the past month and there has been a lot going on. It was really busy but fun to see family and to enjoy the time we have had together. I have to say that there is a couple of moments that will forever be engraved in my memory. I would like to share some of them and I guess this is mostly for me and for my little girls. This first picture is going to embarrass Devin but like I said these are things I want to remember years from now.  

Natalia loves picking out things that make everyone of us unique and all of us know that Devin has moles on his face. Natalia points them out occasionally and loves to count them. One day we were eating blueberries and I made Natalia look in the mirror to show her that she needs to clean her face. Well this time when she looked in the mirror she noticed she had a blueberry mole and was so excited. She wouldn’t let me wash it off because she wanted to show her daddy. Unfortunately it was before bedtime and I knew it would rub off while she slept so I decided to take a picture of it so she could show her daddy.

This next picture is of my sweet brother! I look at this picture and it brings such joy because I know he has made it!!! He has been the best example in my life and I love him for that. I have so much respect and love for him that when I looked at this picture it just reminds me of all the years we spent together trying to figure out what we wanted to be when we grew up and the moment is finally here! Good luck Edgar as you start the new chapter in your life.