Thursday, June 30, 2011

Look who is growing!

It seems crazy to me that both Natalia  and Laila continue to grow so fast. I had both girls weighed and measured at their last doctors appointment. I was shocked when the nurse mentioned that Natalia had grown 2 inches since January but hadn't gained a pound. I only wonder what goes through their minds when they see that Natalia has fallen off the charts again. I am not bothered because only I know what goes on in my home and how much Natalia eats through out the day.

Natalia"s Weight: 27 pounds, Height: 38 2/8 inches tall

Laila on the other hand is on the charts  and growing as she should be according to the charts. I am starting to really disagree with charts. I am just grateful both my girls eat well and are very active. If that ever changes then I will start being more concerned.

Laila's Weight: 22.2 pounds, Height: 29 4/8 inches tall

Did I mention they are both very smart and they both like to read books!

Before i forget, we have a new addition to the family Tomate! My plants are growing so fast and are starting to flower. Except it is really windy where we live that the wind broke the tops off the plants =(

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  1. I love the picture of Laila. She looks like such a happy girl.