Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yayllowstone Park!

Over the weekend we went to Yellowstone! It was fun to spend extra time with Mindi and the family before they head off to London. I was also grateful my mom was able to come. She is always fun to have around and she tells the best stories even if some are really hard to share. We were able to see all sorts of fun things and eat yummy food. I think my favorite part was watching Devin taking everything in and enjoying every part of the cabin. I think the cabin is one of Devin's favorite places to be. He never complains and always is trying to clean it up or fix things that need to be fixed.  My other favorite part was when Colby roasted my marshmallows for smores all because i didn't want to be attacked by mosquitoes and because it was cold and dark outside. Thanks Colby.

I really love Buffalos.  I think if I wasn't fascinated with Hippos these would be my favorite animals. All because their heads are so big and awesome looking.

    Natalia came home with over 15 mosquito bites and 10 were on her head =(

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  1. What a fun vacation. I'm glad you were able to spend time with family.