Saturday, February 19, 2011


I know Valentines is over but I have to take a moment and post some really cute pictures. Devin and I made Valentine cookies and had a cookie contest. Devin made a face and I made a snowman and fish. I think Devin won by a long shot.

Macy and Natalia

Natalia, Laila and I went and stayed at grandma Jackson's house for a whole week and when we came home we were very surprised. Devin had hung hearts all around the ceiling and taped hearts all down the hallway. It must of taken Devin a lot of time to cut and past all those hearts! He also wrote Natalia and I a beautiful letter, and bought us some chocolates. He even gave me money that I can spend on anything i want. I wont tell you how much because I don't want to make anyone jealous (J/K). What an amazing man I have!!!!!! He has such a huge heart and I know he loves us very much.
Devin even made me heart shaped cookies!

Lets not forget Laila, she also got to enjoy with us.

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