Monday, February 28, 2011

Wall Decor

So I have been working on this craft for way to long. I also had taken step by step pictures but somehow I ended up deleting them. I was pretty bummed because I won’t be able to explain it in a way that it will make sense.

Step 1: I started looking for pictures on the Internet of what I wanted to create.
Step 2: When I found the pictures I traced them unto some construction paper to create my own stencils.
Step 3: I bought some memory foam pieces ( I bought them at the DI I don’t know where you would find this kind of foam)
Step 4: Traced the stencils on the foam and then cut them out.
Step 5: Painted them
Step 6: Found some boards to put behind them and painted them as well. You are done!

I originally wanted to spray paint them so they would look like metal wall hangings. I bought some metallic spray paint but found it really hard to paint all three of them evenly. Only one turned out the way I wanted it. I then decided to paint them a brown/tan color to make it look distressed or antique looking but that didn’t work. The only thing I could do was paint them all black. It was a lot less work and I wish I would have done that in the first place.
The middle one was the only one that looked like a piece of metal

The first one I cut!

The end product

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