Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY project

Last summer I wanted to buy some wicker chairs but never went out to buy some and I think they were to expensive. This year I was dieing to get some and Devin had found the perfect ones for $600 dollars but I am way to cheap to spend that much money even if we had it to spend. I started looking at yard sales and thrift stores. I was so super excited when I came across these at a thrift store for $20. They looked pretty bad and I think Devin was in a bit of a shock when he saw them. I went to work on cleaning them and scrubbing off the flaky pieces and then I sprayed them.


They are so beautiful! I am so super happy, the cushions cost more then the chairs! Now I bought fabric to make some pillows for  the back. I love that I have a place to sit when my kids are playing outside and when Devin is weeding!

1 comment:

  1. They turned out absolutely gorgeous! Way to wait for the deal! I love the cushions too.