Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yellowstone Trip

I wish the other 3 babies could stand and hold hands with the older kids. I guess next year it will be a little easier! I love all these kids!

The hotel we stayed at had a really pretty nature walk we took the kids on!

Standing under the umbrella tree.

We had a special story time and to go along with the book I made them their own Russian dolls.

My beautiful mom holding Sadie! I am a little worried Sadie's hair might be turning blond. Laila still had brown hair until her first birthday.

It started getting hot in Yellowstone so we were happy to find a place to cool down.

My little monkey

We didn't just roast smores we made some biscupies (The original name is Woofums, if you haven't tried them you are missing out. You roast a biscuit and then fill the cups with putting, pie filling, whip cream, the possibilities are endless)

I love this picture! Grandparents are over ran with kids.

Natalia caught a mino with her hands!

I told the kids that Smokey the bear lost his hat, my kids were really into my  story and Edgar's kids didn't know who smoky was.

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  1. What a fun trip. I love seeing all the pictures of your cute kids.