Saturday, August 23, 2014

Crazy fun!

I am so sad to say she no longer is a toothless monster! She got her first tooth last week and it is causing all sorts of problems! She loves to bite and not latch on properly so from that I got mastitis this week. This is the first time it made me super sick and I was basically in bed for 3 days!

My favorite part when We say family prayer with Dad is that they all find a spot on or under him, I just had to sneak this picture it really makes me smile. Most of the time it is just the girls and I so it is special when he is around.

I wish I could get a picture of her tooth but this was the day after it finally broke threw!

Sadie's eyes are darker then mine! Natalia makes comments like "I can't ever tell where she is looking because her yes are to dark" "I can't see her eyes, they are too dark."

Devin having fun!

First grade here she comes! I have a feeling it will take a long while for her to adjust to all day. She had a blast first day and I was worried about what to give her for lunch so I gave her a lot of variety (goldfish,  6 m&ms,chocolate milk, sandwich, grapes) when she came home she had everything in there untouched except the m&m and milk. She then had a half eaten apple. Not sure what happened but the next day she came home with everything untouched again except for the milk and she then told us a kid stole her fruit roll-up and ate it and that a friend gave her a piece of pizza. Yikes I think I will be paying for a lunch if she would rather eat what everyone else is having I am however so happy with her teacher his is AMAZING!

Sister love! Can't wait for Laila's turn!

We had a crazy hail storm! They were huge!

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  1. I love the picture with the kids and Devin at prayer time. Too cute.