Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yesterday we had the ward Christmas party and Great Grandma Andrus’s Christmas party too. Devin and I have been telling Natalia that she needs to tell Santa what she wants so he can bring it to her on Christmas day. Santa was at the ward Christmas party and Natalia was really excited to see him. We stood in line and practiced what she was going to say. When it was our turn Natalia sat on his lap and didn’t even look or talk to him. She was very nervous. She jumped off and I asked her why she didn’t talk to him.  Luckily Santa was going to be at Great Grandma’s house that night and she still had a chance to tell him what she wanted.
            Before we went to the party we went over to hangout at Grandpa Jackson’s house. We started talking about Christmas and Santa got brought up and then I told them how Natalia was really shy at the ward party and needed to practice what she was going to say to Santa. So Grandma Cheryl was pretending to be Santa, she sits down and says “Ho, ho, ho, Natalia what would you like for Christmas this year?” Natalia very quietly says “Snow White.” We all cheered and said that next time she sits on Santa’s lap she needs to tell him.
            That night we went to the Christmas party and ate wonderful food and had a wonderful time talking to everyone and enjoying the company. When the time was right Santa came and was waiting for us downstairs. We all went downstairs and (THIS IS THE BEST PART!) as soon as Natalia saw Santa she stood right in front of him, tapping on his knee saying “Santa, I want Snow White for Christmas.” Santa was busy with another little grandkid but Natalia was determined to tell Santa what she wanted so she continued to tap on his knee while saying “Santa, I want a Snow White.” All I could do was smile because I knew how important it was for her to tell him and how much she wants a Polly Snow White.
            Later it was her turn to sit on Santa’s Lap and tell him what she wanted, she was still nervous but she did what she was determined to do.  Because of her bravery and diligence I am pretty sure Santa is going to bring her a Snow White for Christmas.
Laila is just the same size as these teddy bears.

Laila on Santa's lap, she wasn't to happy about that.

Santa gave Laila a fun little toy. Natalia got a princess wand we don't have a picture of Natalia on Santa's lap but we got a video.

The whole gang getting their pictures taken.

Natalia helped Devin set up the Christmas Tree. It looks so perfect!

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  1. Hi Maury! I am at my parent's house right now, and I can view your blog from her computer! It has been so nice to see what you have been up to. Laila is getting so big! I can't decide who she looks like. I think she looks quite a bit like you right now.