Monday, December 5, 2011

Same, Same

I have been amazed at how much Natalia and Laila are alike, I am sure all kids are but it is fun to watch Laila do the things Natalia use to do. When Natalia was little she would not go anywhere without her stuffed monkey Mono. She would drag him around everywhere and often get upset if she couldn't find him.  I guess it is Laila's turn to share the same joy with the one and only Mono! Laila loves to carry him around and loves giving him hugs and kisses, she also loves to feed him a bottle. It is fun to see how much joy a little stuffed monkey can bring to them. The sad part is that Natalia would like to play with Mono but Laila wins that fight every time. Natalia is really good at excepting that Mono is now someone Laila loves and adores just as much as she once did.
Natalia reading a book to Mono

Natalia swinging with Mono

This is Laila with Mono

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