Sunday, January 8, 2012

birthday surprise

Have you ever watched a show were they allow a contestant to have a shopping spree. They usually give them a minute or less to grab as much stuff as they can fit in their cart, then they get to keep it all. When watching I would wonder what or where I would start.
            Well yesterday I had a mini version of that. It was my birthday surprise from Devin. There were rules and stipulations that I had to abide by. First thing was I had to pick a pocket? I chose the left pocket and was surprised when he handed me an envelope with money. I asked to know what the other pocket had but he refused to tell me, I may never find out! He then gave me the rules of the game and that included a time limit and I had to use all the money or the money would be disposed of (thrown out the window, burned or given to strangers). If you know Devin he sticks to his word and there for I started to panic inside. I wish I would have been able to recall all those things that I have been wanting for a while (fake bangs, I know it sounds weird). Anyway we went to the mall and first place I went was the purses I can always use a new purse, and then I went to the jewelry section. I love earrings and hope to have the world’s biggest earring collection (not really but sounds amazing)
            Shoes was next, I wish I wasn’t pregnant I would have loved to buy jeans and shirts but I like to try clothes on to know if I like it. Devin did however manage to find two really cute shirts for me that look good on now and will when I am not pregnant. I was excited that I found a pair of shoes that were just the coolest pair I have ever owned. They look amazing on but now that I have tried them on at home I have realized they are not very practical. The next part was fun because I got to shop for Natalia and Laila. I found them cute matching outfits so I can get there pictures taken in.  
            This all sounds like it was all fun and no stress. I am a thrift shopper! I never pay full price for things so it was so hard to find something that I loved and had to pay full price because I didn’t have hours to thrift through all the racks looking for that amazing deal. I have never bought something because I had to have it. I have bought things because they were a good price and it looked cute. It was a new experience and after the shock of paying full price for a sweater I just had to follow the rules and have fun with it. I loved every minute but struggled to pay, so I had Devin pay and tell me when I was getting closer to my limit. WHAT A CRAZY EXPERIENCE BUT SO FUN. I guess Devin had been working on this surprise for a while so he was able to save up enough to make it worth it.
            That wasn’t half of the love I felt on my birthday, Natalia had been planning how she was going to decorate my cake for days and finally the time had come. She took out her princes dolls and wanted to make me a princess cake. It turned out amazing with sprinkles that looked like snowballs; she wanted her Snowhite princes playing with the snow. The fairy godmother was going to have pixie dust all around her. It really was beautiful and very thought out! THANKS DEVIN AND NATALIA FOR GIVING ME MORE THEN I COULD HAVE EVER ASKED FOR.



  1. How fun!! I feel so bad that we didn't call you on your birthday! We didn't forget, I promise! We both knew it was your birthday but had a crazy day and didn't get around to calling you. So sorry! Glad it was a great day! What a fun birthday!