Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Fun

We started off the Christmas season with treats to our friends, I think we went a little crazy this year but it was fun and very yummy!
Always fun is the Andrus Christmas Party! Santa comes hands out presents and then their is a pinata for the kids.

We  do 25 days of Christmas and everyday is a different activity, this is yummy hot coco with marshmallows, sprinkles, peppermint ice-cream and whip topping to finish it off.

We get to act out the Nativity and it is so fun when everyone joins in and has fun with it. The kids are great. They are always so excited for it!

New jammy picture, so fun to have a warm cute jammy to wake up in.

This year it was beautiful outside, so fun to be able to look out at the fresh snow.

Devin got a remote control helicopter, he is still a kid inside.

My sweet mom, looking for a way to cook without having to clean up after everyone. Love my mom so much!!!!!!!

My mom would make an amazing kindergarten teacher, she has patients, love and is full of a lot of great ideas. She is making the girls Cinderella's dress out of tissue paper.

Santa didn't disappoint, Natalia wanted a Jessie Doll and Laila a piggy bank. I am glad Devin recorded it, it was so cute to watch then unwrap their gifts.

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