Thursday, August 25, 2011

So long sweet summer

Now its officially summer break is over. Devin starts school tomorrow and to mark how great it has been to have him around i finally decided to post our family vacation pictures. I wish I could post all of them but my computer would blow up or something like that. We traveled 650 miles to get to our vacation home. The trip there was a lot better then I had expected. The girls did great and we only had to make one unexpected stop for Natalia to take a potty break. On the way back it seemed like we had to make a few more stops but over all it really was a great trip.

I wish we could have gotten the girls in this picture but they fell asleep and that was more important then waking them up for another family picture.

The views were just breath taking, I wish we had a better camera, this picture doesn't do it justice.

We traveled on the bus to Logan's Peak. It was just amazing and some what scary. The road was narrow and very steep with alot of cars traveling up and down. The girls liked this alot better, it allowed them a little freedom. It was about an hour drive up so I was happy to relax and enjoy the ride because my kids weren't strapped in and crying.

This was the whole Gang! We hardly spend any money on food because we packed our lunches and eat were we could. This was along side of a parking lot. It was very entertaining watching the people circle around finding car spots. It took our friends 45 MINUTES to find a spot. Finally Sarah had to jump out and stand in a a spot as the people pulled out and just tell all the other cars that were trying to jump in that it was reserved.

The best hike I have ever been on. It was just beautiful. It took a while and a few slips to finally make it to the top. It was well worth it.

That's us!

Devin was able to go fishing

This is a little ghetto but cute in it's own way. Devin took Natalia fishing.

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  1. Looks like you all had tons of fun! I love these photos and it does look beautiful there. Glad you had a good time while Devin wasn't in school. :)