Monday, August 15, 2011

We were able to spend some really needed time with grandma Cheney. It was one adventure ofter another with the girls really enjoying their stay. It always seems to amaze me on how creative my mom is. She is always looking for ways to make life more exciting. I know I appreciate all the love and time she shares with my kids and I know they recognize the love she has for them. Thanks mom!

Bubble bath time!

She was able to buy this taffy display from the store. The girls loved playing with the balls. Laila would just throw them out then put them back in and Natalia liked to make rows of balls and call them her trains.

Sleepover in a tent! She had fun playing with the flashlights.

Laila being cute

 With the help of Devin my mom created a treasure adventure with a map to help guide her to the hidden treasure.

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  1. Wow, Maury! The girls are growing up so fast! I can already see Natalia changing! I miss you all so much. I still feel bad that I haven't seen your apartment yet. Love you lots!