Sunday, May 18, 2014

Birthday Time

"Happy Birthday to Lainey" Every time she sees a birthday cake she sings to herself!

My little girls is now two! I am happy that Devin was able to help me decorate the cake by "helping" I mean he did it! I know cake decorating is not his hobby but it should be because he is really good at it.

We try and keep decorations cheap because they only have to last for a day.

This picture says it all! She is always trying to sneak away with food. If  the girls don't eat their food right away she will eat it for them (mostly their fruit and yummy stuff)

Happy Birthday Devin!
I let the girls decorate the cake with candy they picket out at the store. I thought they would do a better job but oh well!

Devin decided they should  eat it without cutting it up. Natalia was totally for it but Laila and Alaina didn't think that was a good idea!


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  1. Alaina looks a lot like Devin to me. Your girls are getting so big and they are all so adorable.