Sunday, May 18, 2014

Soccer Day

We put the girls in soccer and I am starting to think soccer is not my kind of sport. The first 3 games were rainy and cold. Now the weather has been to hot but mostly my fault for not coming prepared but Devin works and I only take what I can carry by myself. Natalia's team is so fun to watch they play to win and I love the competition. Laila's team is so funny they get distracted and prance around everywhere.
I don't like how huge their jersey's are!

Natalia loves her couch she gets motivated by all the praise she gives her.

Devin told Laila he would take her out to get ice cream if she made a goal and not 5 minutes later she scored a goal.

What a cute girl!

This is how it is done every Saturday!

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  1. Nothing like a little motivation to get Laila going. I love how you pile all four of the girls on the stroller.