Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birthday Time

Happy Birthday to me! I am now 27 years old (so the papers say) and I thought that birthdays were suppose to get more pointless each year but I can’t say that has been the case for me. I had a great time and I am grateful to those that helped make it a good one. Thanks everyone for all your calls and texts. Thanks for all the grandparents that watched our kids so we could enjoy a wonderful dinner and movie.
            Devin and I went out to dinner and had the most wonderful meal. It tasted really good and it was awesome being able to talk about anything we wanted without getting interrupted a zillion times by little kids needing our attention. The food was good but the service was excellent. Our waiter was just on the ball, taking our order, refilling our drinks, bringing us our endless salads and bread. It was a great experience and we will go back. (THANKS DUSTY)We then took Natalia to watch Tangled and it was so perfect watching how excited she was and the movie was so cute. I have to say one of my favorite princess movies. As for gifts Devin got me a jewelry holder and to add to it bought me two necklaces and a bunch of earrings. I also got a hand bag and I am on the look for some brown boots or a nice warm jacket to add to my collections of clothes and shoes that I don’t need.  

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