Thursday, January 20, 2011

I know that most of us make a New Year resolution each year and well we all secretly want to lose weight or just get fit. If this is your resolution and need a little help then Natalia and Laila are here to show you how easy these exercises are. If they can do it then pretty much anyone else can too.
            I finally sat down and took pictures of Natalia and her “dance-exercise” moves. She is always trying a new trick, lifting one leg, balancing on her toes, bending her back or just about anything her body allows her to do. Laila has her own moves also, but if you want lessons on how to be incredibly cute she can help with that.
Up and down

If you need some support just grab on to a chair or window sill.

This one is harder then it looks, you need to keep your body straight while you balance

Down and cross your leg

Lift your leg and smile because you are almost done

Cooling down, lay on  your back and take a couple of deep breathes while you lift your legs.  

Roll over and arch your back
I call this the "bend and reach"


  1. Haha! Before you know it they'll have their own exercise video out! :)

  2. Very cute... I am sore just watching them!!