Friday, January 28, 2011

Laila; The Cute, The Daring, The Stinky

Laila is growing so fast I find myself reaching for the camera daily. It is fun to see her become more mobile and energetic. She doesn’t roll over on her own yet but she is trying and can do it but I think she just chooses not to. The funny thing about her is she loves to scoot herself backwards and kick herself around in circles. She is so cute and fun. I can’t wait until Kip and Alisha get to experience their first baby.
Big smiles while we got ready to go visit Devin at school.

Kicking herself off the swing. She has fallen before and still I haven't learned my lesson.

This happens more then you can imagine.

I think is is worth a second look! The joys of feeding them baby food.

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  1. Hah! And with all that mess up her back, she is still posing so pretty for the camera! :)

    Jack had a memorable doozer like that when he was six month... while we were in Paris. He was wearing a brand new little outfit, of course. We stopped at an outdoor restaurant in the middle of the park for lunch... when we took him out of the stroller we found it from his mid-back to his knees.. down his whole backside. Whatever was not initially "hit", got slimed when we pulled his one piece up over his head.

    Needless to say we provided quite some entertainment for those sitting around us. Imagine, a six-month old, covered in juicy yellow mess... stripped down to nothing (clothes were tossed in the garbage) and wiped down with handfuls of napkins dipped in water from our glass. Nice, I know.

    Thankfully, I did have an extra outfit with us.. I learned that real quick.

    We moved up a size in diapers immediately upon our return from France. That helped avoid future "messy" situations. I guess it goes with the baby territory. :) Thanks for sharing! xoxo